• Anna Abignano

Customers buy your love and passion.

Without fail, a small business’s love and passion gets me every time.

How often have you walked past a retail store that has some funky music playing inside with bright and cheery staff, and you can’t help but go in?

One morning, I walked past a local café to buy my coffee from another up the road but the barista and co-worker singing “That’s Amore” forced me to turn back and buy from coffee from them. We ended up singing as a trio while I sipped my morning latte.

How often has an online business got you because the entrepreneur shared their story with you online? They didn’t try to sell their products to you, they told you about their journey to launching their business and you went online out of curiosity and purchased something.

Quite often I am very attracted to local businesses who give to charities or the community. One of my local pharmacies is run by the most kind-hearted individual and she runs many community projects because her love and passion for helping people extends not only to her role as a Pharmacist, but as a person who wants to give back to her customers. As a result, she has had media coverage several times and her business is flourishing.

To be honest, I can’t think of many more examples and that is because many business owners are so focused on selling they forget to focus on their passion and that leads to experiences for the customer. Its infectious and it draws customers in and translates to sales.

And that’s what it comes down to. Don’t sell something you don’t believe it. Love it, have passion for it.

Good energy is a massive selling point. Make it a priority!

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