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 The Power of PR. Ten Steps to Free Media & Effective Promotion

Wednesday, 14 November at 7.00pm (AEDT)

Cost: $49

*Special offer*

Each participant will receive a

copy of my e-Book featuring over 60-pages of PR know-how!



  • Are you tired of your current advertising strategy not generating any leads?

  • How about so-called gurus giving you the wrong advice?

  • Do you wish you had a bigger advertising budget?


The good news is: You simply need Public Relations & experienced advice as part of your promotional strategy, and you can learn this in my very affordable, 90-minute webinar on Wednesday, November 14 at 7.00pm (AEDT).




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Hi, I’m Anna Abignano, one of Australia’s leading Public Relations (PR) Consultants and business coaches. I have worked for five of the top television networks and hundreds of brands both big and small. In over two decades, I have generated millions of dollars’ worth of free media coverage as well as carried out effective PR for my clients that has seen a massive spike in customer engagement for their businesses. With this 90-minute not-to-be-missed webinar, I will empower you to carry out effective PR for YOUR business.


As a business owner, if you’re not practicing the most effective form of promotion for your business – Public Relations – then I need to be honest: Your business is missing out and you need to empower yourself with PR knowledge… now.


Why? Because PR is not only no-cost or low-cost and is much more effective than paid advertising, it's all about targeting the correct audience and carrying out activities that create loyal and long-lasting relationships with them: your customers or clients. PR speaks to your audience, it creates credibility and answers their needs and desires, creating a pathway straight to your business.


Public Relations (commonly known as "PR") is a group of activities that focuses on building trust and educating and connecting with your target audience via media coverage (news, interviews, feature stories, expert tips and more), events, content, promotions, face-to-face relationship building, effective social media and Influencing campaigns, networking, partnerships and much more.


I have devoted the rest of my career to teaching and mentoring business owners such as yourself to execute your own PR. Be comforted that it’s not rocket science! I will teach YOU, the business owner, my point of difference which is a targeted customer-focused strategy and I will show you how it’s done during my October 24 webinar.


Tickets are priced at only $49 per person.

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Why so affordable? Because I am passionate and dedicated to giving you 90-minutes of knowledge and experience at a price any business can afford. This isn’t a webinar where I sell myself; I give you actual knowledge so you walk away with serious value.


 During this informative webinar, I will teach you PR in ten exciting steps:

  1. How to create news the media will publish

  2. How to write relevant content to pitch to websites and blogs

  3. How to use a ‘hook’ and annual events to attract media attention

  4. The most effective way to pitch a story to a journalist, TV or radio producer

  5. How to run an effective social media Influencer campaign

  6. How and when to use social media to promote your business

  7. How to position yourself as the expert in your industry and increase your profile

  8. How networking and industry events can help build your business from the bottom up

  9. How collaborating with like-minded businesses can elevate customer engagement

  10. Other effective PR activities that are LOW or NO cost.



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Each ticket includes a work-book so you can jump on the PR journey and

come up with ideas to boost your business right away!








Anna left me buzzing with ideas! I went from feeling hopeless and ready to give up, to hopeful, energised and invigorated about my business. She helped me dig deep into what my point of difference truly is and left me with a new-found confidence I'd been lacking for a long time.

Jenine Bilts Dayman, The Healthy Life Collection

Anna is an outstanding PR practitioner - and a pleasure to work with. She knows how to identify a story, create an angle and achieve excellent results for her clients. She works fast but strategically - and everything she does is considered. I have been in PR for nearly 30 years and Anna still managed to teach me a thing or two! I've used her pitch template for a number of campaigns and I pick her brain when I need top notch help on a project. Smart lady, lovely to deal with, my kind of person. I highly recommend Anna!

Lisa Llewellyn, Llewellyn Communications


Anna provided vendors of Life's Little Celebrations valuable and practical PR advice as part of a Q&A session we had with her. She was able to provide different ideas and suggestions based on the different business types and goals of business owners in the group. Her expertise really shone through as she provided advice on what types of PR activities to aim for and what types of contacts to seek and how to approach them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anna to any business owner needing personalised information on PR for their business. 

Tanya Castellino, Life's Little Celebrations

What is PR?

 The Power of PR. Ten Steps to Free Media & Effective Promotion

Wednesday, 14 November at 7.00pm (AEDT)

Cost: $49

*Special offer*

Each attendee will receive a

copy of my e-Book featuring over 60-pages of PR know-how!